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  • Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment

Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment

Howarth Brothers brings the worlds most advanced and accurate wheel alignment system to the workshop. Capable of extreme tolerances for light commercial, truck, bus and trailers. Make sure you’re tyres wear evenly and prolong their life. Howarth Brothers has invested heavily in the world’s most advanced wheel alignment system from Josam, the I-Track. Housed in a dedicated alignment bay onsite, Howarth Brothers are able to ensure that your wheels are perfectly aligned. We go further than our competition making sure that you get a full geometry alignment top down from steering to tracking so you can be assured of an alignment that is more accurate than when the vehicle first rolled off the production line. Ensure that you maximize the life of your tyres and save fuel in the process by reducing your vehicle or trailer’s rolling resistance. Book your wheel alignment with Howarth Brothers today.
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